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Money Earning

Money earning games refer to online games that offer players the opportunity to earn real money. These games can be in the form of skill-based games, luck-based games, or video games that require players to complete certain tasks or quests.

Among this vast category of online games, skill based card games are one of the safest and highly profitable segments for players to explore unlimited opportunities of earning real money. Skill based money earning games typically include card games such as Indian Rummy, Poker and Call Break as well as a wide variety of fantasy games. These are games that require players to apply the game rules in combination with certain skills and strategies to win.

Let's check out some of the best real money earning games in India that you can play and win real money.

Best Online Money Earning Games in India

This list of money earning games includes a wide variety of online games that are easily available on money earning games apps today. They require a set of distinct skills and strategies that players must employ to win and earn real cash rewards.


Since online poker came into being, Poker has gained massive traction in the Indian gaming industry and grown significantly in popularity in recent years. The game lets players make strategic decisions by applying basic math and intuitive play; and when combined with the art of bluffing, the outcomes of the game are often dynamic.

As such, with online poker apps featuring a diverse range of Poker games and tournaments today; for those who are skilled at the game, Poker can be one of the best real money earning games to make a parallel income.


Rummy is a skill based shedding card game that requires a combination of strategy, memory and pattern recognition unlike games of pure chance such as Teen Patti. Players need to make informed decisions in Rummy about which cards to keep and which to discard and plan ahead to form the best possible hand.

It is an engaging game to play and one that can be highly rewarding for skilled players. With its large player base and growing popularity in India, one can easily find unlimited real money earning games and tournaments of Rummy on leading money earning games apps.

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is one of the best real money earning games in India because it combines the excitement of cricket with the opportunity to win cash prizes. In fantasy cricket, players create virtual teams of real-life players and earn points based on the performance of those players in actual cricket matches. The objective is to have the highest-scoring team and win cash prizes.

By allowing players to use their knowledge of the sport and the players to create their own virtual teams, fantasy cricket provides an engaging and interactive way to experience the excitement of cricket.

Call Break

Yet another popular card game that is climbing higher ranks in popularity recently, Call Break is a trick taking game that is similar to games like Spades. The objective is to collect the maximum number of tricks and score points by playing cards of the suit that was led. The game requires a combination of strategy and correct estimation of bids.

With its large player base in India and growing popularity in the online gaming community, Call Break is now widely available both offline and on real money earning games apps online and offline.

Fantasy Football

The fandom of football knows no bounds. Naturally, this permeates to the realm of fantasy games too. Like Fantasy cricket, Fantasy Football is one of the best money-earning games in India wherein players create fantasy teams of real-life football players and collect points based on the performance of those players in actual matches.

The objective is to create the highest-scoring team and win cash prizes. The rules are simple and with a little research on current events, players can use their years of knowledge and join the best international leagues and tournaments to earn huge cash rewards.

Money Earning Games You Can Play on SportsBaazi

The world of real money games has seen exponential growth in India in the past decade. As such, missing out on the action and unlimited opportunities to earn real money would be unfortunate. Here's where SportsBaazi comes to the rescue.

We compiled a list of the best money earning games that are live on SportsBaazi. So, let's begin.

Fantasy Games

The world of fantasy games is exhilarating to say the least as the excitement seldom fades away. Since the entire calendar year is jam packed with a variety of sports leagues and championships, the opportunities never cease to exist. Here are the top fantasy games you can play on SportsBaazi.

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Kabaddi
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Basketball


You read that right. SportsBaazi is pleased to introduce the most sensational mind sport loved by all, Poker. Enjoy the most popular and exciting variations of Poker and play across stakes to earn unlimited real money. From Hold to Omaha to OFC Poker, we got the best real money earning games to monetize your poker skills.

Call Break

It's time to trick your way to victory! Lovers of card games must try our version of Call Break on SportsBaazi. It's a skill game that's fun, addictive and super intense till the very last minute. Play games across stakes and as per your skill level and earn cash prizes every time you win.


Rummy lovers can enjoy multiple variations of 13 Card Rummy on SportsBaazi. Pool Rummy, Points Rummy or Deals Rummy, explore and expand your knowledge amongst fellow rummy enthusiasts. Play them all for stakes of your choosing and win real money daily.


Ludo experienced a sensational revival during lockdown as a fun means to bridge the distance. People chose to play casual games like Ludo with friends, relieve good old times and keep stress at bay. Fun games such as these are always an easy pick whenever you wish for a quick break from work. Try SportsBaazi's version of Ludo to enjoy a different vibe of this traditional game.


This one is a fan favourite and a SportsBaazi exclusive. It's time to double the fun with some quiz time. Simply click on the “Predictor” tab on the app and discover an entire list of match polls and predictions. Test your knowledge of your favourite sport by taking our daily polls and quizzes on Football, Cricket and more and maximize your chances to win real money while at it!

Best Money Earning Games App in India - SportsBaazi

There are a variety of features that make a money earning games app stand out among its users. Especially, when you are playing for real money, we suggest you go through the app features and promotions beforehand to ensure a profitable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Let us familiarize you with the best features of the SportsBaazi app that makes it the most popular choice among sports fans.

Fair Play

SportsBaazi is fully aligned to the Supreme Court's precision of “game of skill” and discourages any act of gambling, cheating or any form of fraudulent behaviour to ensure fantasy sports be a legal and ethical medium to enjoy what you love.

Multiple Games, Multiple Formats

Poker, Rummy, Fantasy cricket, fantasy football and fantasy basketball among others, we got all the big guns covered in one single app. Also, feel free to explore different formats of Poker such as Hold and Omaha and fantasy formats such as Reverse Fantasy, Classic Fantasy, Batting Fantasy and Bowling Fantasy and master each one of them.

Player Intelligence Report

A SportsBaazi exclusive feature, Player Intelligence Report offers all crucial information regarding all players and team records and stats in order to help you make the best fantasy team. Users can check detailed reports of players's last five matches and analyze their performance. For instance, you may check a player's number of runs scored, batting average, highest scores, number of fours and sixes, half centuries etc.

Responsible Gaming

We respect your passion for fantasy sports and as such, offer player centric measures such as Self Exclusion to implement Responsible Gaming. This is done through a set of carefully crafted rules that you should follow to enjoy the best possible experience with us without falling prey to any form of addiction.

Refer and Earn

Invite your friends and family to join the fun with us while you make some extra cash. Indeed, on every successful referral you make, you earn 50 Rupees bonus money and after the first deposit, you get an additional 450 Rupees in your SB wallet. Feel free to use this amount to play more cash leagues and contests on SportsBaazi and win real money.

How to Download SportsBaazi Money Earning Games APP

You can get the SportsBaazi app on your device by following these quick steps.

  • Visit SportsBaazi.com
  • Enter your 10 digit mobile number on the blank space provided on the left corner of the homepage just below the code.
  • Get the app link on your device.
  • Click on the link to install the SportsBaazi app on your device.
  • When installation is complete, open the app.
  • Create your user account and get gaming!
To download the app on your mobile device, follow these steps.
  • Visit SportsBaazi website
  • Click on the “Download the app” button to get the app file on your smartphone.
  • Click on the app file to install the SportsBaazi app
  • After installation is complete, click to open the app
  • Create your user account and start playing to win real cash daily.


Frequently Asked Questions

To play money earning games and win on SportsBaazi, simply pick the game you wish to play and choose the table stakes accordingly. Based on your performance and ranking in the game or tournament leaderboard, you win real money. Feel free to withdraw the winning amount to your bank account instantly.

Yes. You can withdraw your real cash winnings on SportsBaazi once your account has been KYC verified. Post this, you can withdraw the amount straight to your bank account by opting for any of the available payment options on SportsBaazi such as UPI, NetBanking, e-wallet among others.

Yes, playing money earning games is completely safe and secure on SportsBaazi. All transactions are encrypted end to end to keep your sensitive data and information safe. To avoid any form of fraud, all our users must be KYC verified to withdraw their winnings securely to their bank account.

Here are some of the steps and measures SportsBaazi follows to secure fair play on their gaming platform.
• Users are not allowed to create any fake accounts to gain “Refer & Earn” bonus amount.
• All PAN cards are verified to ensure authenticity. In the same regard, submitting false copies of documents during registration falls under Fair Play violation.
• No user is allowed to create more than one account on SportsBaazi. This is in violation of Fair Play terms of the platform.
• Withdrawing money by illegal means falls under Fair Play violation.